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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for another all-new edition of "right this minute"! cameras catch a woman stealing a christmas tree from a scout troop. but guess what -- >> she's done this the past
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three years. >> hear from the guy who recognized the repeat offender. >> it's just like, holy cow, how can that be? hear why some parents say the cartoon pedobear has gone from internet joke to real-life threat. >> i want to tell you how proud i am of you. it's the message lady gaga made for a student's anti-bullying campaign. a video goes viral again. hear new clues to the mystery of the guy on the train tracks. and talk about getting a hands-on education. >> it's the world's first school of practical sex. >> it sounds like this would be something that a lot of single guys would sign up for. it's only december 1st, but the christmas stories have already started rolling in. and nick, you start our show with one today, right? >> christmas is just around the corner and i've already got a grinch story for you guys.
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a two-fer, two good stories for you. st. cloud, minnesota convention center recently renovated. they planted trees on the outside of the building. what do you think some jerk did? came along with his saw -- cut the top off of some of the pine trees they use for landscaping and started walking down the street with it the cop pulled him over and the guy said, my girlfriend told me to steal this because we couldn't afford a christmas tree. it's a $245 pine tree. this guy is going to have to pay restitution. >> he probably could have bought the same exact christmas tree for like $6 at some lot. >> or go in the woods! >> want a little more bah humbug, now to st. louis, missouri, scout troop 374 has a christmas tradition of selling trees every year to raise money for their scout activities. a woman comes in steals a christmas tree from their lot at night when they're closed. you can see the woman in this surveillance video, pulling up in her dodge durango. there you see her dragging the
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christmas tree. stuffing it in the back of her truck. she's done this the past three years. >> you know, like that looks like the same darn lady. and it looks like the same vehicle and this year -- there was no doubt. i mean, it's like, holy cow. how can that be? >> she was so brazen this year, that she came back with a hammer. last year she had some trouble getting the tree out of its stand. it went so well, she came back 13 minutes later. and boosted another tree. >> what? >> how do you then take the tree home, decorate it, have it up and you display and you live with that. >> did i mention that she's stealing these christmas trees out of a church parking lot? >> she steals from the church, boy scout troop. take it home, put an angel on the top. so -- and then put your christmas presents under the stolen tree. >> this woman is the grinch. i think that dr. seuss used her as the model for his book. there's a warning out there for parents, according to krqe in albuquerque, new mexico. >> there are people out there
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after their children. and they are using this cute, cuddly little bear as an insignia. >> pedobear is a a japanese cartoon that is now used as a symbol for pedophiles. ♪ ♪ >> pedobear is considered by many people to be an online joke. a cute cartoon bear is shown in different scenarios, that a lot of people find funny. but, now officials in the new mexico attorney general's office are saying that they do have hard evidence that pedophiles are using pedobear. >> this is not simply dark humor. this is not a joke. attorney general gary king's office takes this very seriously. we will pursue every lead that we get. >> here is the issue with it. a station in san luis obispo, california a few years ago did a story on the warning to parents
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and gawker came out and said, hey, you realize this an internet joke this isn't really a guise for pedophiles. they put it up as a funny prank online. >> which is it, then? is it a joke or is it not? >> the bear is cute. the bear is cute. but -- that is what the pedophiles are using to identify each other. >> we contacted lynn southard, the woman that you see in this package from krqe. she works for the new mexico attorney general's office. and we asked her if they had concrete evidence that this bear can be attached to pedophiles. and to pedophilia. and she said, yes. they do have concrete evidence. the people who work in the new mexico attorney general's office want to make sure that people know that pedobear can in fact be an image for pedophilia. and that parents should be on the lookout, both on the internet and even in public
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places. >> started out as a joke. pedophiles picked it up and now it's real because the attorney general's office says yes, they are using it as a symbol, as a cover. >> and they want to get the image out there so people know. >> we don't know where he's going to show up. last week, lady gaga sent a video about bullying or about anti-bullying to a student in toronto, jacques st. pierre. >> i want to tell you how proud i am of you for being such a strong advocate for the elderly of the community in your school. >> jacques and his school, the school of the arts in toronto, lauhed an anti-bullin campaignha s's n h supporter of. we've seen the video, but what we haven't yet seen is jacques himself. we have him via skype to talk to us about how this has changed his life. >> when i first wrote the letter, i didn't really expect anything from it. and then that day, when i opened my email and saw the subject
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line, to jacques from lady gaga, i was in disbelief. >> what is the campaign that your school is doing for anti-bullying? >> we're calling it i will make it better project. we wanted to show people what bullying can do and how it affects people. we've gotten every single student at our school to sign a pledge, saying they will make it better. and we'd like them to take the pledge live at the assembly we had to launch the campaign. >> jacques, what was in your message to lady gaga. >> i wrote to her, explaining the whole assembly. what i was planning on doing and how a video from her would make it so much more effective. >> are you yourself a victim of bullying? >> i was bullied, don't try to put a school musical about being gay or don't be such a [ bleep ]. and it would make things better for other students. >> any success story for people that you've touched or affected. >> a student on the day of the
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assembly came up to me and told me that somebody who had been bullying her since september came up and apologized. that just one person who was a bully had been impacted. >> if could you change the life of just one person, that's huge. and clearly, they have. >> good-bye. new developments from a video that we first saw over the summer. you guys might remember this one. a guy sets up a camera on a train track, right? lays down and lets the train fly over the top of him. we talked about this. we were shocked when we saw it the first time. on the heels of the pilgrimage to mecca, that muslim people take every november, this video is being passed around again. because somebody on some blog pointed out, hey, i know this guy. this video was taken in saudi arabia. and this guy is lying under this train, to kind of do his own religious experience or religious tribute. because the guy says, this train
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is the mecca metro. that is a train that takes people directly to mecca. people are making the argument that, no, this guy -- this is just a guy trying to do a stunt. the mecca metro is green. the train in this video is obviously red. and some people are saying the timing is off. we first saw it in august and some people are saying the mecca metro wasn't even running in august. >> i think this guy just laid down on the tracks to listen for the next oncoming train and then all of a sudden he was like, oh, here it is. >> i think he was just trying to come up with a cool viral video and he did it. >> i think he was trying to meet god. >> one-way ticket to meet god. we obviously have our own opinions about what this guy is doing. but we want to know what you think. put your caption under this video. what do you think he's up to? go to our facebook page,"right this minute." a kid on a car trip gets the scare of his life when strong
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winds flip a semi. >> holy [ bleep ] slam. it's a miniature wonderland with some life-like surprises that visitors aren't expecting. >> i couldn't believe it! and a show of force as lawmen go to evict a 104-year-old lady. but what happened next, nobody saw coming.
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big-time protests yesterday across the pond in the uk. and an estimated two million public workers walked out of their jobs because the british government is proposing pension reform. >> ooh. >> one guy who claims to be a taxi driver in a university lecturer took to youtube to explain why he was among the protesters. >> i'm going to try to do this without swearing or shouting.
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everyone knows it's not just about [ bleep ] pensions. this government, right, it is trying to do away with the human rights. this government is trying to do away with the minimum wage. this [ bleep ] government is trying to privatize the nhs. >> it gets a little more intense. this government is appalling, it's sitting alongside a liberal democrat that's [ bleep ]. this government should be protecting the people from the corporation. it's protecting the corporations from the people. >> he's fired up. >> he makes a reference to the ongoing protests that we've seen around the world. but also here in the united states. >> we've had enough. we're [ bleep ] striking about all of this. and everying that's happening around the world. ven e [ bleep ] ban america. they just pepper-spray their own [ bleep ] people. for pacifist protesting. we're sick to death of living in
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[ bleep ] slavery. it's [ bleep ] gone mental this [ bleep ] country. and we're sick to death of it! >> for how fired up he is, hiss points are coherent. >> he's an articulate angry person. >> in this message it sounds a lot cooler because the guy's got a sweet british accent. >> we've had enough so [ bleep ] stop! a couple of days ago i brought you this story of the lufthansa plane trying to land in calgary during a wind storm. well we just found some more video from that wind storm that happened over the weekend. check out this video. this is from a highway in calgary. and a little boy is filming this with a cell phone camera now watch what happens in fronts of the car. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> whoa! >> wow! >> i was going to say, the last thing i want to be next to is one of those tall, 18-wheelers. because of exactly that. they're so tall and they're so tall and narrow. >> not only knocked over, it
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knocked over and got blown completely off the road. >> blew it across the highway. >> what a blessing that mom wasn't trying to pass it at the time. >> if you remember, the storm was pretty intense, they had up to 90-mile-per-hour winds. >> what's so amazing, she said she was going about 50 kilometers per hour per hour on this highway, she was being careful because of the wind, just like the driver that's in front of her with her hazards on. but if you listen to this. they remain incredibly calm. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> it looks like somebody went up and just pushed it over. >> according to reports of this incident, this trailer is the second trailer in one of those double-haul trucks. so there was no cab attached to it. nobody was in the truck. it was just that portion of the trailer. if any of you are traveling to germany over the winter break, then i want you to go to
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hamburg and check out miniature wonderland. it occupies an area over 1300 meters. that is huge. >> it was actually landing. >> this is the coolest thing and i really do want to go to this place. >> i want to go to hamburg just to see this. it has all of these long trains that go from one country to another. but the really neat thing is in may they opened up an airport. but they have all this attention to detail. that's unbelievable. >> it was like a guy getting pulled over. did you see that? >> there's quite a few funny touches in here. he want to point them out to you. >> where the fire department puts out a large fire and the new fire starts not too far away. >> oh! . >> hello! >> i couldn't believe it. >> do they have like a godzilla that comes and like wrecks everything? >> not yet, but i hear they're working on it. >> look at the control room. >> the amount of guys it takes to run this tiny little city. >> more than a million people a
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year go to see this. there are more than 250 vehicles moving in this thing. at any given time. >> how long did it take them to build it? >> it took 500,000 man hours to but they keep adding to it. and they just added the airport on. and their airport runs on time. >> it would be more realistic if it was really delayed. >> i wonder if the miniature people get charged miniature baggage fees. just when you think you found the coolest, most extreme video, another one pops up. this is an austrian slackliner. what he is about to accomplish is nothing short of completely miraculous. >> walking yosemite high-wire, see the adventure and meet the guy tomorrow on "right this minute." ah, the perfect ride for a couple of young boys. what kind of dad does this? meet him, when we come back. why did the caribou stand in
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the middle of the road? >> so timothy, is everything i said pretty accurate about the caribou up in canada? >> the story behind the great caribou mystery.
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time for the technology corner. with beth and steven. >> my favorite corner. >> okay, so when you're using your ipad, if you hold it long enough, your hands you know start falling asleep and you get a crick in your neck. >> why do my hands get so tired?
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>> i have a solution for you. this is from and it's called the flote. it's like a little pole that you can adjust any way that you want. up, down, sideways. and it holds the ipad directly in front of you so you can, you know, play your fantasy football game, while you're watching the television. and you don't have to hold it. you just -- boop boop boop boop. you think you could find a use for that? >> when i'm borrowing your ipad? yeah i thinky find a use for that. do you think you could find a use for this? because technology corner, it's not over yet. >> this is a cornucopia corner. >> a tech cornucopia. this is called the little rooster. this item is available at little rooster what this is, now you know what the alarm clock. >> yeah, hate it. every morning i want to throw it against the wall. >> the little rooster, i don't think you'll want to throw it against the wall. because it rests against your
4:23 pm
hoo ha and wakes you up gently. >> basically it's a vibrating alarm clock that you stick down your pants? >> i think we need some technology help from our tech guru. this is the weirdest story to pull him in on. matt, come in here. >> hey, zach. >> hey, zach, thanks for coming in. so, the flote, is it necessary? >> depending on how you use your ipad, i think is the difference here. if you use it instead of a tv? sure. it has netflix on it and you want to watch a movie in bed, i think this would be great. >> the little rooster -- >> zach? >> they are actually sold out of this product. >> so it's, it's doing very well. it sold out, they're based in the uk but you can buy it in the u.s. and canada. and they're trying to get more produced so they can sell them and get them to you by christmas. >> cock-a-doodle-doo.
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sometimes you got the right tool for the job and sometimes you don't. this guy is tying a cable to his hitch on the back of his mobile astra. what's tied on to the other end of that cable? they're trying to pull down this wall with a little four-banger. >> and that little bitty piece of string. >> yeah, it's like a tiny clown car. >> and you think it's going to take down the wall. >> pull down an entire brick wall? >> let's give it one more shot. >> whoa!
4:25 pm
>> no! it came down? he runs out triumphant. what is this car again? >> it's an opal astra he was driving and they succeeded. the dude's pretty happy that the wall came down. >> he got out of the car celebrating like he scored a touchdown. >> it kind of looks like to me that the old guy is saying -- congratulations, clean this mess up. when you were a kid your mom would take to you the grocery store and you would want to play bumper cars? this dad, he is a perfect dad, because he let his two boys have a little fun. [ laughter ] >> the kid in the blue shirt is getting a little dizzy. >> he's like i'm really having fun, but whoa. >> he's hanging onto the side.
4:26 pm
>> this dad is a cheap genius. because look at this. >> this is a cool dad, i wish my mom was this cool. >> whoa, i'm getting dizzy. i'm dead serious. watching that spin? >> remember, the grocery stores with the cheap little quarter rides? you put the quarter in and there's a little rocking horse? or there was a little car? this is better. so much better. >> these kids had the time of their lives in the shopping cart. we want to find out why the dad let them do this. we got in touch with the dad via skype. >> the video was taken in montreal on a hot day. those are two of my four kids, the two oldest. we got bored and so we saw a shopping cart that was unattended and being the smart people that we are, we decided to make it go and created a ride out of it. i would say that boys are momma's boys at the beginning, they love mommy. but then when they figure out
4:27 pm
that dad can jump off a roof or do back-flips or something like that. they start to like dad, too. kids are so amused at that age, under seven. they find the fun in everything, everything is new to them. a little time in oman, whoops. stuck at the beach. >> what do they do to try to get -- these cars out? >> we're going to show you, because it's -- well, funny. and, he is the man who plays piano for elephants. hear the touching story, when we come back.
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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman and it's time for more "right this minute." the banks that moving trucks and deputies to force this woman from her home. >> please don't come in and disturb me.
4:30 pm
>> see the surprise twist when they say heck no, we're not making her go. forget harvard, it's time for the school of sex. >> the courses include sexual techniques, advanced intercourse. >> what is advanced intercourse? >> every day it seems like you can't find a cooler, more extreme video. until the next cool extreme video pops up. >> just call it -- paragliding on steroids. and flula's back. see how the internet's favorite german tries to decipher southern slang. >> well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. some deputies and a moving company were commissioned to move a family out of a house. vida lee has been living in this house in 53 years in atlanta. she's been fighting with deutsche bank. so finally they called deputies to move her out. but when deputies and the moving company showed up, they decided they weren't going to move her.
4:31 pm
>> i know that god says when something goes on, he'll make it right. >> they saw the woman and her 83-year-old daughter living in the house. >> the deputies go to move this woman out of the house. >> if the moving company comes to move somebody who is evicted, the law enforcement is there to make sure that everything happens peacefully. >> it's a case of a 104-year-old woman decides to go bonkers on the moving guys, is that what they're saying? >> they didn't know the lady was 104 years old. >> this is a story we're seeing a lot of people being evicted because of the housing crisis and the recession. apparently the battle between vida lee and deutsche bank has been going on for years and at this point, nothing is resolved. we tried to contact deutsche bank, but we haven't received a phone call back yet. >> please don't come in and disturb me. when i'm gone, y'all can come here and do anything you want to
4:32 pm
do. has your partner ever told you that you're kind of just like -- meh? well, have no fear, ladies and gentlemen, because somebody is here to help. it's not me. this is asos, the austrian international school of sex. it's set in an 18th century mansion and can hold up to 20 students at a time. the courses are not just like sexual theory. it's very and this is their words, hands on. very practical approach to sexual skills. they have high-tech teaching rooms. they have a physics lab. there are three disciplines in the asos system. sexual positions. caressing techniques and anatomical features. >> so you go to class and the lecture is to apply the theories with your classmates? >> apparently. they say it's the world's first
4:33 pm
school of practical sex. >> fantastic, if you like your classmates. but boy, what if -- you're not attracted to any of them. >> i couldn't figure out on their website, if you go solo, or do you go by yourself or do you go with your significant other? >> it sounds like this would be something that a lot of single guys would sign up for. i'm going to go to class, because i know i'm going to get lucky. >> going to asos, you walk into class the first day and it's a bunch of dudes and there's one female teacher. >> what you see here is actually the swedish headmaster of the asos austrian international school of sex. this is eva maria thompson. the courses include sexual techniques, advanced intercourse. >> advanced intercourse? what does that include, like swings and stuff? what is advanced intercourse? >> and can you imagine if you met a girl at a club and she had her, i graduated from the school, you would know she's really good.
4:34 pm
>> yeah. santa's reindeer are getting ready for the big track. but be careful, they're up in canada standing on the road. watch out in you're in canada. the canada here in this video are licking the salt off the road after a recent snow. when they come through, they plow the snow off. and throw a little salt down. and that attracts the caribou 0 come up and lick the salt. it helps them digest and helps them retain water. all the same reasons that horses and we like salt. so to find out a little bit more about these guys in this video, got the man that shot the video joining us "right this minute" via skype. so timothy, is everything i said pretty accurate about the caribou up in canada? of year they're moving quite a bit. >> how did you get them off the road? >> i just kind of creeped ahead a little bit. but they didn't get the message. and at that point in time i gave the horn a little blast and they started to run. but they weren't running off the road. >> how often are you seeing these caribou out on the road? >> late november until probably into march.
4:35 pm
you're going to see them around on the side of the road. and as soon as they see salt, they're up on the road. so most motorists know to be careful at this time of year, especially. >> are caribou just as good at towing sleighs as reindeer? >> my guess is they have a hard time getting off the ground. but my guess is you could tow something with them. >> that's why my mom has a scar? she thought a salt lick was ice cream, she took a lick of it. a cow went to take a lick at the same time and now my mom has a scar on her jaw. recent floods in thailand have left a lot of elephants without homes, a lot of them have been evacuated very stressful situation for these elephants. fortunately, there are people like paul who is helping the situation in his own way. ♪
4:36 pm
♪ >> this is paul barton, he's from the uk, but now is living in thailand. and he's playing piano for these elephants. he's playing slow movement from beethoven's "pathetique" sonata. this is in an elephant sanctuary in thailand. and it is a sanctuary for old, injured, handicapped elephants. he took his piano out there and he started playing music. apparently one of them was eating grass, and when the music started playing, stopped to listen. >> i love this. it's beautiful. ♪ >> we have paul barton from bangkok, via skype, to talk to us. what gave you the idea it play piano for the elephants? >> well when i was in the united kingdom i was asked to play the piano for a group of people with
4:37 pm
disorders, such as cerebral palsy. andy that for two years. and i learned an awful lot about how music can help people. and hopefully, animals. >> when you were out there playing piano for these elephants, did you get a sense of relief? >> i was surprised, because i wasn't sure what to expect. the elephant behind the piano, called plara, he is blind. plara suddenly stopped eating. which is something nobody has seen before. >> with the recent floods, how has the elephant world sanctuary been able to help other elephants that need help. >> they were inundated with donations. so they have huge food supplies for the elephants. and have done quite well. a bunch of suvs stuck on the beach. how to get them out. ah, here's a plan. >> they decide it make a chain. >> does it work? we'll show you what happens.
4:38 pm
show this dog a certain commercial and -- [ dog barking ] >> so what tv commercial does this dog hate? wait a couple of minutes an
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
a hear lot about cars, maybe getting stuck in the mud or stuck in the snow during the wintertime about. how about stuck on the beach? easy to do, easy to do. not easy to solve. let's go to the beach in oman,
4:41 pm
there are multiple vehicles stuck. this video was shot by a popular swedish stylist and fashion blogger, tyra josted. this one is going for a swim in the ocean. its tires are completely submerged. but what do they do to try to get these cars out? they keep bringing more cars to the beach. yeah, let's try to tow this guy out. >> yeah -- >> bad idea. >> i don't know if that's going to work. >> that car's going to get stuck. >> have you guys seen this vdeo before? or can u see into thee? now tshi one's stuck. now this is another genius idea here. bring this blue car in and attach a rope. watch how this guy guns it. what a dummy. >> that lasted about one second, didn't go anywhere. they try to dig the tires out that doesn't work, either. >> they decide to make a chain. they've got the white car in the front, connected to this blue car, connected to this white car
4:42 pm
with a bunch of people behind it. you've got five, five cars in a row -- >> now, why there are so many cars, the first car came to get the car that's going to a swim. it got stuck. they brought another car to get that car. it got stuck and now they're making little dominos. >> if you haven't already guessed, none of the cars make it out. >> the one thing i didn't see anybody do, is deflate their tires. >> that's what they should do? >> car tip business nick. >> tit gives you a wider track n the sand. definitely don't do this. dog just won't let go. i said it before on the
4:43 pm
show, i'll say it again. every day it seems like you can't find a cooler, more extreme video, until the next cool extreme video pops up. how about paragliding in switzerland? and off the cliff they go. i've seen paragliding before on this show we've seen people paragliding with eagles and hawks. but these guys do some crazy fast, low-level swoopy diving, awesome stuff! down the waterfall. >> whoa. >> wow. >> i wonder what the wright brother was think if they saw these videos? >> apparently, a trailer for a movie coming out late they are year. the trailer just says -- 2011 trailer. that's all it says. no title for anything. i would love to direct you to the actual film. but, huh? and then there's the video with stanley, from "the office."
4:44 pm
♪ ♪ i like the way you feel me up ♪ ♪ up and down >> we can't show you much of it here, but you can find it at that's right, lots of videos 24/7. at check out what he built. >> a house made of plastic bottles. but then, he did something incredible. >> that is so cool. >> butter my butt and call me a biscuit. >> doesn't he have that wrong? >> oh no! >> our favorite german is back. trying to figure out the south. we'll set him straight.
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
. let's talk about fees. >> it's a pretty basic charles schwab commercial. what does it make you feel? happy, angry? >> it makes me feel like investing. >> i would change the channel. >> this jeremy and his wife. and their dog, who hates charles schwab commercials. they show him other commercials, but when the charles schwab commercial comes up, she just goes nuts. >> go ahead and show you real quick here. we got this charles schwab. he's our favorite. let's go ahead and hey, look at
4:48 pm
this. >> she'll look. [ dog barking, growling ] [ laughter ] >> i know what the problem is here. that dog is with the 99% that charles schwab is the wealthy 1% and he's occupying his owner's lap in representation of the people occupying wall street. >> i agree with you. he is sensitive to the mood of the world right now. >> the dog is a friend of the proletari proletariat. >> i think this is a momonesay- ginvests. and the slogan for charles schwab is, talk to chuck. and this dog is trying to talk to chuck about what kind of investments he should make. >> the dog is trying to diversify his bonds. >> or his bones. we all know that we've been experiencing some tough economic times as of late.
4:49 pm
and in an argentina, a man fell on just that, some tough times and resorted to trying to like find garbage. he started collecting more bottles and he decided he could probably build something out of these bottles. check out what he built. he used 24,000 plastic bottles and built himself a house. >> wow. >> now this is totally crazy. the thing is sturdy, it's water proof. it has an interlocking system that keeps it in shape. he's using cd cases, he's using those for like windows, decorative shutter windows. and now he's kind of using the knowledge that he's picked up by, from building this house, to help homeless people to do the same. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that is so cool.
4:50 pm
he's taught over 20,000 people how to do this exact same thing. when you said plastic bottle house, i'm like, okay, you can build walls and a roof. but he built the furniture, a bed, chairs, the whole thing. >> you all remember the video we have of the charity that used blastic bottles to light homes. >> they used the little skylights, they were using old plastic bottles tore skylights. they taught the whole village how to do that. and the technique spread. >> now you can build and light your home. with the plastic bottle. >> it's better than putting them in the landfill or letting them float in the water and make birds sick this is a great idea. can you speak minnesotan? >> i'm fine. i'm fine. >> our minnesotan breaks it down for us. >> that's how people would speak minnesotan? ♪ here's a story of some hairy editors ♪ ♪ who grew out their beard for a
4:51 pm
whole month ♪ ♪ while we're showing you these scruffy faces ♪ ♪ the explanation next @ @
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learning to speak a different language can be difficult. you know spanish, do you know minnesotan? >> no. >> now's your chance to learn. >> hi, i'm tequila and welcome how to speak minnesotan. i'm fine. i'm fine. i'm fine. it's fine. okay. oh, golly. >> on the "right this minute" staff we have our minnesota native. i would like to have her on to find out if this is accurate. come right here.
4:56 pm
boom, boom, boom. this is betsy, one of our producer from "right this minute." you're from minnesota, is this how people speak minnesotan? >> yeah, this is kind of like shows a nice culture in minnesota. so even if someone makes you angry -- >> it's fine. >> you know, beth told me earlier that she hates this. she thinks you are an awful person. >> that's fine. >> i knew it, i knew it. >> i thought people in minnesota, don't they say, don't you know? >> oh, yeah, they do. all the time. >> we love that. >> please don't hate us for making me be in the segment. >> she's fine. i'm fine. >> really, it's really okay. if i say to you -- butter your bread. >> okay. >> how about butter your buns. is this another popular idiom? >> flula is back trying to interpret our language yet
4:57 pm
again. >> my cousin works now in georgia. and now he is like -- trying to speak in a south way. >> so flula's cousin, ralph, is working in the south. in georgia and is picking up on some southern slang. and that's got flula confused. >> then he say, oh, well, well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. >> doesn't he have that wrong? >> oh, no. >> butter my butt and call me a biscuit? that's the whole thing, not butter my butt. if you're going to be called a biscuit. you need butter on you, you say butter my butt and call me a biscuit. you have to tell me the whole stay c'esting. >> i understand you are like making -- a desire to be, to like a german hilly billy. >> a german hilly billy? >> that's my favorite.
4:58 pm
>> nobody will -- put some butter on your [ bleep ]. that's it for the show today, everybody. now we're going to leave you with some very special video. here at rtm, we have some fantastic editors and they all participated in no shave november. or as they like to call it, novembeard. and we've got video of facial hair video that we've all been experiencing. have a great day, everybody, and experiencing. have a great day, everybody, and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
4:59 pm
>> jason: you know, i kind of felt bad because i know she was more embarrassed than anything. and she's a good lady, you know what i mean? she just has problems. >> jason: exposeda as a hoarder to a national audience of the neighbors react to the hidden horrors inside the home of a west minister woman. and the man being expected of being involved in the disappearance of a woman in aruba. if you're looking for something different to see and do this holiday, i know the place where you need to go. this week, debuted one of the most disturbing documentaries to


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